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School Districts

School districts choose Ann Stewart Literacy Consulting to help bridge the gap in learn curves among our youngest of readers. It is in their elementary and middle schools where we see the widest of range among our readers, and yet we hope to help each student excel at their best abilities. Balancing both of these, while instilling life skills can be a challenge.

Carrying those abilities through, we still need help to bridge gaps throughout their educational career. District leaders have chosen ASLC to provide strengthening of skills, introduce new techniques, and create useful, dynamic ways to expand the love of literacy among students.


Improving instruction within classrooms across your district. Literacy leaders we work with are highly trained in effective education skills, but lack the the tools, resources, and support provided by Ann Stewart Literacy Consulting. The largest impact you will see is a shift towards coaching for results as all stakeholders become actively involved in the literacy of all students. Utilizing exclusive training, customized for your unique district you will see your leaders blossom and their students literacy accelerate. As a result children will refocus their concept of literature from something required within the classroom to something they love within the world.

With customized approaches developed for your learning environment you and your team of educators will see morale increase simultaneously as teamwork becomes more cohesive. Prior to training and intensive workshops and coaching sessions educators are under more pressure and stress than ever. Among the many afflictions we are seeing impair our educators include: loss of sleep, inability to concentrate, loss of creativity, and loss of passion. As energy levels plummet, those effected most are the students. Now is the time to overcome these challenges and face them head-on, take back your well-being and health, eliminate burnout, increase your resiliency, and ability to deal with difficult situations.


The most impactful result we see after training school district leaders is the difference in how our children view reading and writing. Students go from seeing reading and writing as a classroom chore to viewing reading and writing as personally meaningful. At that point children’s views have been transformed. Their works become authentic and purposeful, finding individual fulfillment in their literate lives.

With the tools and skills your teams need to manage their stress and energy levels, you will see an everlasting impact that trickles down into the students throughout your district. Utilizing the skills Ann Stewart Literacy Consulting has provided, you are certain to see striving students rebound in ways that you never imagined, noticeable improvement in achievement scores. The powerful strategies, that are easy to implement, are the key to not only your well-being and health, but the mental well-being of every student you teach.

Incorporating enrichment opportunities such as those provided by Ann Stewart Literacy Consulting will ultimately attract top level teaching candidates. Offering opportunities for professional development and growth produces well trained leaders, and impacts your community directly. Together we can make a difference.



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