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Educator & Consultant

When your program needs a boost, invite Ann Stewart to provide the power and insight you need to stay on track and reach your true potential. Consulting small and large groups, she takes the time to understand your challenges and pain points, to refocus attention where it can make the most impact. Her extensive experience in being an educator provides you the best insight into your program, directly from her own experiences from the trenches.

Refining your approach, in an ongoing manner will allow for you to move that much further ahead, that much faster. See where your trajectory can send you.

National Literacy Consultant

As a literacy consultant, I provide quality professional development and coaching opportunities designed to empower school staff members working with grades K-8 to become confident, capable decision makers, able to evaluate, design and implement effective literacy instruction for all learners.  To that end, I support training and coaching in all aspects of reading and writing instruction:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Writing in response to reading
  • Literacy through the content areas
  • Whole group and small group modeling and strategy support
  • Thoughtful implementation of Core and supplemental classroom materials
  • Assessment
  • Standards-based instructional design
  • Professional reading/Book club conversations

Formats include long-term and on-demand training and support in both in-person and virtual formats.

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