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Certified as a Professional Coach by the International Coaching Federation and a Gateway Graduate of the Global Team Coaching Institute, Ann Stewart offers the motivation and support you and your teams need to reach their full potential. Utilizing the techniques and resources made available through the ICF and the Global Team Coaching Institute, you are certain to increase personal resilience, stamina, and ability to recover from even the most trying situations. Through her exclusively run workshops, one-on-one coaching, team coaching and ongoing support, you are sure to reach the potential you and your teams are capable of.

Over an intensive period of time, Ann Stewart Literacy Consulting will help you gauge and adjust your efforts to maximize literacy inside the classroom, and throughout your entire district. Workshops, seminars, and goal-oriented coaching is available to bridge the gaps or to strengthen your literacy program. Achieve the highest level of competencies through a customized long-term approach.

Supporting K-8 Teachers

As a certified professional coach supporting K-8 teachers, I provide the feedback teachers need to refine specific procedures but also to expand their conceptual knowledge and improve practice in ways that help them learn from their own teaching over time. By forming explicit understandings, learning to identify elements, observing and analyzing conversations and responses they see, teachers move from “acts to awareness”.

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“One step forward for a teacher, is one step forward for hundreds of children”

Jim Knight, 2013
Supporting Coaches

As a certified professional coach supporting coaches, I prepare educational leaders and coaches to coach within a customized framework that meets district and school site needs through evidence-based coaching approaches. 

  • Awareness of current coaching theories, trends and research
  • Exploration of the 11 coaching competencies the International Coach Federation has determined to be essential for masterful coaching
  • Understanding adult learning
  • Developing coaching partnerships & building relationships
  • Establishing roles, responsibilities, boundaries, confidentiality and other
  • Planning coaching cycles
  • Learning to listen
  • Observation tools
  • Supporting both new and experienced teachers
  • Coach self-care
  • Observe modeled coaching and practice coaching with peers

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